2-Hour Introductory Class

Tuesday, September 12th, at  7pm 

Woodland Hills, California



Discover How Intuitive You Really Are





















Start looking to yourself for the guidance that you seek. Begin feeling supported, inspired and guided by the wisdom found in the cards of the Tarot deck. Gain a new understanding of how the traditional 78 card Tarot deck is structured around spiritual concepts and The Law of Attraction. 



Did You Know That the Tarot Was Not Originally Intended

to be Used for “Fortune-Telling” or Psychic Mystery?



An easy and fun way to come to understand the cards and how to use them in your own life. Come join me for a transformative learning experience that will offer a new perspective on how your future is unfolding and what influences you have on its outcome.



In This FREE 2-Hour Seminar, You Will:


Learn How Spiritual Tarot Offers Insights Into

Where You Are, and Where You Are Headed in Your Life  


Know How the Tarot Works and

Feel Supported and Guided on Your Path


Learn The Guiding Principles of the Law of Attraction

and How The Tarot Can Facilitate its Use


Learn How the Tarot Deck is Organized

in Sync with the Spiritual Laws of Nature


Learn to Identify Patterns in Your Life Using the Cards 


Recognize the Understandings of the Cards

to “Predict” Where Your Life is Likely Headed 

You Don’t need “Psychic Powers” 

You Need Only to Know How the Future is Unfolding


Learn How the Process of Shuffling the Cards

Creates Meaningful Communication with Your Higher-Self 


Learn to Interpret the Wisdom of the Cards

for True Insights and Suggestions for Your Well-Being and Success


Learn Simple Guidelines and Feel Empowered to Create Your Own Tarot Rituals


Learn How To Access The Wisdom Of The Tarot

For Your Tarot Practice and for Personal and Spiritual Development









The Tattoo'd Spirit Reminds Us That We Are All a Masterpiece in Progress.




The Law of Attraction and The Tarot