Meet Jeff

Jeff Burr, CHt

Jeff Burr, Certified Hypnotherapist and Spiritualist


Jeff Burr refers to himself as a "Belief System Modifier" bringing together many different areas of expertise to create programs and techniques that make significant shifts in the lives of his clients.


 Not your typical spiritual guru type, Jeff is more likely  

to be riding his Harley up the coast, than in a yoga class.


He believes in no stereotypes, no judgements and

no expectations to follow the crowd.


He prefers boots to suits, skull rings to cufflinks

and deep conversations to spiritual buzz words.


His clients range from A-list celebrities and CEOs, to kindergarten teachers

- many traveling great distances to see him. 


Jeff is a real person who cares deeply about every one of his client’s successes.


Drawn to this path for decades, Jeff has found his home and true calling

in spiritual and cognitive therapy. 


Jeff's passion is getting you to view your own unique Tattoo’d Spirit

as the vibrant masterpiece it is.  


Jeff, a motivational speaker, creator and former host of Spirit Matters Radio Show,  has a Psychology Degree from Wheeling Jesuit University and advanced studies from the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing in Los Angeles. 


After college, Jeff founded a private massage therapy business.  With no advertising, other than word of mouth referrals, he gained incredible success, drawing in A-list clientele - celebrities, doctors, writers, producers, CEO's, and medical professionals from the Los Angeles area and many who traveled great distances.  


What began as massage therapy, soon became Jeff helping people overcome their hurdles and restrictions to help them move forward and achieve their desires.  Spending 15 years amassing thousands of hands-on hours with clients, he began to have a special way of calming their restless minds, as he was easing their bodily aches.


Realizing that the mind component was an essential aspect to holistic healing, Jeff studied everything he could about how the mind works.  He became an expert of sorts regarding the mind-body connection, and studied several other metaphysical, quantum and spirituality-related subjects. This extensive quest for knowledge led him to becoming a certified hypnotherapist, graduating with Honors from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana California, the worlds first Nationally Accredited College for hypnotherapy. 


Jeff now works with many different mind and spirit-related and healing modalities, such as Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Guided Imagery, Handwriting Analysis and Affect Bridge -Time Line Therapy to create lasting change in his clients.  His amazing ability to build instant rapport with people has helped him create a following of loyal clientele, who continually refer him and seek his help with a myriad of issues and goals.  His natural ability to tune into his client's energies often helps to bring his clients outstanding results from the very first session.


Jeff has specialized certifications in Pain Management, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The Law of Attraction (LoA) and never tires from hearing his clients say, "You'll never believe what happened since our last session!"


Jeff is focused on teaching and inspiring through The Mind Bar and his private practice, so that everyone can experience a better, happier life through exploring various personal growth interests.


Spiritual concepts and practices mixed with belief system changes through hypnotherapy and other cognitive modalities have bridged Jeff’s two most valuable goals: 1) to teach the benefits of living life centered in a positive and loving mindset and 2) to inspire others by illuminating within them, the power to make their own personal transformation.