What is The Tattoo’d Spirit?




We Are Born With an Invisible “Tattoo” Uniquely Our Own,

Which Adorns Our Spirit. Our Soul. 


Each of us has a specific divine path and purpose in life. As each new sunrise, brings with it a beautiful moment or a painful experience, this design evolves to reveal itself. In time we are “inked” with brilliant and radiant color, reminding us further of our own uniqueness.  


The Tattoo'd Spirit reminds us that we are a masterpiece in progress.


We all share the human experience but the fortunate few honor their journey and appreciate their scars for what each represents.  


Feeling fulfilled in life belongs to those who look into their inked up and sometimes battered and bruised spirit...only to see the beauty of what has come before. It is in that light, that they can truly recognize the enormous possibility that their future holds.


Each multi-faceted moment of perfection can only truly be seen by stark contrast. Joyful memories, rising colorfully against darker moments of pain, heartache and loss. These ebbs and flows of life are the evidence of a divinely guided process at hand. 


As our story evolves, new ink is applied. 

A patchwork of colors that represents a life well lived.


Sometimes we are left confused or unsure of our path or what our life's purpose truly is. Sometimes we are led astray, get lost or find ourselves on a detour to nowhere. The signposts aren’t always clear. Those are the times The Tattoo’d Spirit can be a refuge along your life path and spiritual journey.  


At The Tattoo'd Spirit, Jeff Burr combines spirituality with cutting edge neuroscience, in a nurturing and loving environment. His unique methodology utilizes tools such as the Wisdom from the Tarot, Past Life Regression, Birth Numbers for Life Enhancement and other divine and ancient sources of wisdom. These are used hand-in-hand alongside time-tested cognitive modalities that work with the subconscious mind, such as Hypnotherapy, Imagery, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Biofeedback. 


 Who is Jeff Burr, CHt?


Jeff Burr, Certified Hypnotherapist and Spiritualist, is following his own life’s calling. He combines the metaphysical world with new discoveries in neuroscience to help you create the life you have dreamed of - while becoming more spiritually connected.  


Not your typical spiritual guru type, Jeff is more likely to be riding his Harley up the coast, than in a yoga class. He believes in no stereotypes, no judgements and no expectations to follow the crowd. He prefers boots to suits, skull rings to cufflinks and deep conversations to spiritual buzz words. His clients range from A-list celebrities and CEOs, to kindergarten teachers - many traveling great distances to see him. Jeff is a real person who cares deeply about every one of his client’s successes. Drawn to this path for decades, Jeff has found his home and true calling in spiritual and cognitive therapy.  His passion is getting you to view your own unique Tattoo’d Spirit as the vibrant masterpiece it is.








~  Stands For  ~


Freedom of Expression - Freedom to Love


Freedom to Connect to a Higher Source  


Loving - While Living in the Real World


Multi-Faceted Individuals - Dealing with Real Issues


No Labels - No Judgment


Love & Cooperation - Over Status & Competition 


Eternal Souls - Sharing Moments in Time



This is 


The Tattoo’d Spirit